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Returns a list of coupons that match the specified query.




HTTP Method


Requires Authentication


  • apikey: Required. Your 32 character apikey string.
  • q: Optional. Search terms included in coupons to return. Remove a search term with a negative.
    • Example: q=music+-country
  • greedy: Optional. Setting to true will require all words in q parameter are part of returned coupons. Default is 0.
    • Example: q=lunch+breakfast&greedy=1 Will return only coupons with lunch and breakfast in the name or keywords.
  • limit: Optional. The number of coupons to return. Maximum limit is 100, default is 10.
  • page: Optional. Specify the page of results. Page is determined based on given limit amount and total coupons of current query. Default is 1.
  • sort: Optional. The order in which to sort returned coupons. Possible values are modified, modified-desc, start-date, start-date-desc. Defaults to start-date-desc.
  • date: Optional. The parameter value is specified by "YYYYMMDD-YYYYMMDD". Also accepted is "today", "yesterday" or any month name, such as "april". Using a month name will automatically return the previous instance of that month. Default is the past year.
  • zip: Optional. Returns coupons within the zipcodes provided. Specify a five-digit zipcode "12345", a range of zipcodes "12345-12349", or remove a zipcode with a negative "-12345". Separate the list with commas.
    • Example: zip=11111,12345-12349,-12347
  • geo: Optional. Returns coupons located within a given radius of the given latitude/longitude. The parameter value is specified by "latitide,longitude,radius", where radius units are miles. Defaults to 50 mile radius of the site you originally signed up on.
    • Example: geo=45.46494,-98.48075,25
  • categories: Optional. Comma separated list of category id's to query. Negative values remove the category. Defaults to all categories.
    • Example: categories=1,-40
  • locations: Optional. Comma separated list of location id's to query. Negative values remove the location. Defaults to all locations.
  • users: Optional. Comma separated list of user id's to query. Negative values remove the user. Defaults to all users.
  • favorites: Optional. When set to true, returns coupons based on favorites of your account. Supercedes categories, locations and users parameters.
Example Queries
  • Containing a word:
  • From a specific location:
  • Today's coupons in travel:
Error Responses

Error responses are returned with coupons, and are self-explanatory. Defaults will be used if there is a problem with the parameters, so coupons may be given even if there is a problem with the request.